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Asia's leading trading enterprise

Welcome to Tesglo, Asia’s leading trading enterprise which strives to epitomise safe, efficient and global trade. 

Our key motto: To promote safe, efficient and global trade.

Over the decades, we’ve realised that many individuals and companies find it difficult to feel secure in buying products from overseas or even locally. We, however, are here to hedge against fraudulent deals as we are in charge of the whole supply chain: from manufacturing, to transportation, to distribution and financial services.

We are located in Singapore, dubbed as one of the top entrepots in the world. At Tesglo, our clients continually feel comfortable, satisfied and happy because we go beyond the extra mile to cater to each of our clients’ needs. Tesglo’s divisions spans across materials science, medical supplies, and presentation consultancy.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to multinational corporations, to small and medium enterprises, and to start-ups. Our diverse range of clientèle is a testament of our ability to serve any company with multifarious requirements.



  • Fast shipping.
  • Unparalleled customer support.
  • Uncompromising quality.
  • Free shipping within Singapore. Competitive worldwide rates.
  • Online resources at your fingertips.

We are champions of uncompromising quality, competitive prices,  unparalleled customer service and cutting-edge technology.

RITCHIE NG | Managing Director



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Explaining our companyin 3 words

We envision ourselves to be Asia's leading trading enterprise which strives to epitomise safe, efficient and global trade.

The Manufacturer

We manufacture our own brand of adhesive tapes and films.

The Distributor

We distribute adhesive tapes and films, PTFE products, blood collection tubes, emergency masks and more.

The Trader

We venture into new niche industries internationally.