Printed Water Activated Tapes

Which reigns supreme for packaging?

Printed Water Activated Tapes vs OPP or PVC tapes

Printed Water Activated Tapes

Which reigns supreme for packaging?


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Custom Printed Water Activated Tapes Vs OPP or PVC Tapes

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The benefits of water activated natural reinforced tapes seem to outweigh other forms of packaging tapes such as Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tapes and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) tapes. There is, however, a disadvantage which can be very colossal for companies or people who need to pack their packages in different locations – it’s a tape that requires an automatic electronic machine to dispense the water activated tapes. This renders the packaging process nearly “immobile” as you can’t use hand tape guns which can normally be used for normal BOPP and PVC packaging tapes.

Nonetheless, water activated natural reinforced tapes have a myriad of benefits to mitigate its shortcomings:

1. The tapes bond strongly with the corrugated box. Unlike OPP or PVC tapes, water activated tapes cannot be removed easily which many thieves use such as using a hair dryer to remove OPP or PVC tapes to steal the goods and re-taping the corrugated box without leaving a trace.

2. Typically, the natural reinforced tapes have large widths. It will be hard to re-seal over with 48mm OPP or PVC tapes. But it’s still possible to reseal as there are many companies which can manufacture OPP or PVC tapes from 72mm or larger.

3. The water activated natural reinforced tapes are much stronger as they are reinforced with strings which make it harder to cut through.

4. Once the tapes are bonded with the corrugated boxes, they will not succumb to extreme variations in temperatures. OPP and PVC tapes will lose their bonding with the boxes when subjected to high temperatures.

5. Its matte surface looks professional.

Ultimately, whether water activated natural reinforced tapes are better depends on your packaging processes. If you can package in one location, it seems to be the superior choice. But if you need mobility, OPP and PVC tapes are still the favourable choice.

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