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Recently, I’ve started to wonder why many of the slides I’ve seen look boring. I’ve had the honour to proofread many documents and even some slides for my mother, friends and private clients. I’ve realised many people often use standard templates. Some try to create their own unique templates and use the same template for all or most of their slides. This defeats the purpose of being creative because the unique template becomes boring once you’ve used it on all or a large number of your slides. Each slide should be a banner which brings out your message, not a “slidument” (a portmanteau word comprising of slide and document) with a corporate/personal header slapped with content.

Ultimately, I believe templates restrict one’s creativity. So they should be ditched entirely.

I’m not a professional graphic designer. I’ve sufficient knowledge in Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and some other programmes which allow me to produce all my art pieces. I’m an avid reader of computational investing, mathematical economics and entrepreneurship. I’m your typical geek. But because of reading a plethora of books, and even creating immersive and compelling notes, I’ve developed a low tolerance for crappy-looking documents, slides and graphics.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided to create a corporate slide for my company. It’s the first version and I will revise it over time. However, I believe it’s a decent first draft which takes quite fast to complete.

Here it is!

Link to view slides on Slideshare Link to view slides on Speakerdeck Link to view slides on Scribd