Presentation Design

Clear, brief, compelling and unique presentations.

Launch of Presentation Design Division

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Our sole aim is to create presentations that are brief, clear, unique and compelling using a combination of four elements: typography, icons, images and colours.

Our nimble team of coders and designers specialise in expanding Tesglo’s online outreach. Tesglo’s website and media outlets started to receive laudation under the stewardship of our managing director and lead designer, Ritchie Ng. Consequently, we’ve received a myriad of requests to design resumes, slides, documents, banners and magazines. We moved on to expand our operations and helped many businesses proofread their documents, websites, slides and banners. Moreover, we offer consultations on how to exude the right tone with uncompromising grammatical accuracy.

Lexiro Labs was founded on 1st June 2013 to officially provide designing and proofreading services to our existing clients at Tesglo and new clients at Lexiro Labs. We are moving towards specialisation in designing presentations.