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We offer free shipping for all orders within Singapore.

Typically, your stickers can be ready in 5 working days after you have approved the proof we have provided.

In some cases, however, where orders are more complicated or if the order is exceptionally large, your order may arrive a few days later than usual.

We seek your understanding as we deal with custom products and delivery dates can be quite volatile. But we are sure you will be happy with the unparalleled quality at low prices!

There are limits as to how fast you would want your stickers, labels or tapes to be delivered. We can accommodate requests to speed up your order by dedicating more machines to print your stickers, labels or tapes. However, this will come at an extra cost.

We ship within Singapore and internationally.

Please send us an email indicating your order reference and we will change it for you.

Please email us for such arrangements. We can deliver on an exact date.

Yes, we will provide you with a proof before you confirm your order. Also, we will revise the proof until you are satisfied!


We have both matte and glossy finish.

Our stickers will normally last from 3 to 5 years depending on the weather conditions.

Yes, we have clear vinyl stickers.

They can stick strongly onto fabrics.

Yes, you can write on the stickers manufactured by us. We recommend ballpoint pens and permanent markers to ensure a long-lasting effect.

We can print them if you include them in your artwork. However, to ensure the QR codes can be scanned easily, we recommend these settings:

1. White border around the QR code.

2. The QR code has to be at least 2.50cm or 2”.

We print exactly according to the artwork you provide us. We will not include anything else.


We recommend using a vector stroke. However, we will generate the artwork for you to show you how we intend to cut your stickers.

We can print CMYK colours and all Pantone colours.
If you want to have your own CMYK values, kindly leave a note when you checkout.

You cannot make any changes after your approval. This is because your order is automatically sent to our manufacturing department’s log to print. Hence, we strongly advise you to check your proof carefully before approving it.

You can leave a note that you want full bleed printing. It will be ideal if you can leave 1/8” or 0.3175cm.

Full bleed printing means that your artwork printing goes all the way to the edge of the sticker or label.

We do not have any specifications to make a nice sticker. However, it would be good if you have a high quality image instead of a pixelated one for the best results.

We will try to process a low quality image for printing. Should we fail to process it well, we will request for a better quality version.

As die cut and kiss cut methods are customised and vary from sticker to sticker, we do not have a fixed template. We will prepare a free proof for you to show you how we intend to cut your stickers. You can request for changes until you are fully satisfied.

We accept all file extensions. Moreover, if there is a need to enhance your artwork, we will do it for free until you are satisfied.

However, to ensure a sticker or label that matches your design, we recommend these settings:

File extensions: .TIF, .PSD, .AI, .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, .JPEG

Colour Mode: CMYK.

Resolution: 300 DPI (Dots Per Inches) or higher.

Scaling: 100% of the actual size to be printed.

We recommend you to provide us with a complete design to avoid delays. We are able to add basic texts. However, this may delay the time to generate a proof and the delivery time. If the modification is too complicated, we may request for a complete design.

It is important for you to outline your fonts if it is in vector format.

Follow these steps:

1. Open your file in Adobe Illustrator.

2. Select all text objects.

3. Select Type, followed by Outlines.

You can submit to us a new copy via email with your full name you have given in the checkout page. An alternative would be to wait for the proof and request for changes.

We can resize all vector artwork (.ai, .eps, .svg extensions).

All other non-vector artworks (.jpg or .psd extensions) will depend on the resolution. We recommend you to provide us with the highest possible resolution.

If we cannot resize your image, we will inform you and request for another file.

When you upload your file, leave a note for us to print with “full bleed” settings. An alternative would be to leave a note after we have provided you with a proof.


Our stickers are manufactured in Singapore.

We cannot design your stickers, labels or tapes from scratch. However, we will be able to make small changes to your designs for proofing.

Also, for our customised tapes, we offer free designs* if you can provide us with the necessary resources.

*We offer basic designing services for customised tapes which are more than sufficient for most customers we have served. But it is important that you provide us with important files like your logos and preferred fonts.

There is a much higher possibility we will send more than what you have ordered. However, if you are short of a few stickers, labels or tapes, we will offer you free credits.